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true today as it is everyday

Did you know today was Cosplay Appreciation Day? Well, before today, that would've been impossible to know. This was one of those events that just breaks out simultaneously, an outpouring of love in reaction to an injustice.

Let's find these roots, courtesy of a lead from @scruffyrebel, and a little bit of searching around to figure out what seems to have happened. It starts with Tony Harris, comic artist for a multitude of series. His Facebook rant (this link as a backup in case), regardless of agreement, was certainly poorly written, if not downright "dickish".

A contemporary of his takes the role of his nemesis: Gail Simone, a writer closely attached with DC and their line of comics. Her disgust with the rant led to a tweet with her impromptu declaration of today as Cosplay Appreciation Day. Her relative visibility helped spread the idea. I guess sometimes, it's good to have 25k+ followers on Twitter.

This outpouring has been interesting as it has spread throughout social media. Some people reacting with love, others with cynicism toward the whole thing. Though in general, no one reacting with a whole lot of defense for poorly chosen words.

Of course, this all follows the media's love of the narrative that good can conquer evil, and that social media is a tool for doing so. While I'm not one to like the narrative all that much, it's hard today to argue that there are times when social media can be a positive. We on staff have always been appreciative of cosplayers both for the hard work they've done to entertain and make dreams come true for others, as well as their friendship to us and others over many years. Regardless of my feelings of the idea of needing a day for something like this, the sentiment is at least in the right place.

So today's to you, cosplayers. Happy Cosplayer Appreciation Day!

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