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gamely fight.

"And so this is Christmas / And what have you done?"

Not that I let such questions trouble me most of the time, of course. It's been an exciting year -- we attended conventions, travelled unreservedly, gorged on pretension and suffered comeuppance. (At least, that's how I remember things. There's some narrative smudging at work, to be sure.)

And, with all that, I really haven't been writing very much at all. Too busy, I guess. Too busy at times, too tired at others, sometimes depressed or perhaps just lazy. But whatever. It's another year soon, and what better time to kick out some of the stuff we've got half-written, and see if maybe it's worth reading anyway?

Plus, I think we'll feel better just getting rid of some of the stuff we're blocking on. Inbox Zero. A festivus resolution.

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