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sticks in the head.

Every so often -- every month, let's say -- I try to work the phrase "frothing demand" into my discourse. Most recently, "sure, I like it, but I don't have a frothing demand for it or anything." (Of Railgun, if you must know.)

The origin of the phrase, as a very quick web search will show, is in a cover blurb for the game Ikaruga, provided by IGN and for some unfathomable reason used by the publisher. "Our frothing demand for this game increases."

It's a piece of ephemera better forgotten, I suppose, but I still like it.

(Also, this column is short and pointless because my actual purpose here was to fix a truly stunning bug in my input form. You know how every program, no matter how small, can be shortened by at least one line and has at least one bug? This is like some kind of classroom demo of the principle.)

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