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i usually avoid the fan videos, believe it or not.

Spring is here! (In best Lily White voice.)

And therefore, an excellent time to link to an animated version of Perfect Cherry Blossom, a game about the seasons' changing.

The striking thing about this animated version is how polished it is, how gratuitously professional and well-animated. (Definitely not the one-man project that the original game was, though. The credit sequence is impressive in its own right.)

That's another element that strikes me about this video -- the massive amount of cooperation and coordination that must have been necessary to make it happen. I've always been amazed at the sheer breadth and scale of the Touhou fan community, and this is just another of those colossal projects that it seems to produce nonchalantly every few months.

And of course it's great fun. Very faithful to the original, but of course one doesn't really have time to focus on the plot in a shooting game. Seeing it like this, at a distance, makes it work better. Gives it more texture and detail. Yes, one whispers, clearly this was what ZUN intended.

words from chris, 2013-03-31 14:51:30, los angeles, ca

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