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a soundtrack for the sakura.

A little while ago we went out on our customary cherry-blossom viewing. It's a wonderful tradition, really. Watch the blossoms and meditate on their evanescence. I try to get some sake if I can, if I've been living well enough for sake to taste sweet in my mouth. (If you're not at peace with yourself, sake tastes bitter. This is known.) Sit back and let the petals flutter down. I highly recommend it.

Of course, as an incorrigible Touhou fan, I couldn't help thinking of an album by 回路~kairo~ -- and, I wake up under the cherry blossoms tonight. It's a good album, but my favorite thing about it is actually the track list. The song titles are meant to be read together:


my translation:

dreams flutter earthward
with faint sounds
tying together
a small warmth,
a nostalgic place,
your voice,
an ideal world,
woven right here.

words from chris, 2013-05-01 01:04:05, los angeles

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