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an embarrasment of newsworthiness.

Good lord, the news is piling up. I actually have been fascinated by a couple of things lately, and of course there's the CONSTANT CONSUMPTION referenced in my last post.

Amusingly enough, if I were able to keep to a daily schedule, the pace of news that I feel like writing about has been matching it perfectly. As-is, though, I'm having to pick and choose. And the most interesting of a bunch of interesting things lately, I think. . . is the Little Witch Academia 2 Kickstarter.

Seriously, go read that link if you haven't already. It's amazing on a bunch of levels, not the least of which is that reward pricing is totally reasonable for westerners.

Okay, I think I lied. That probably is the least remarkable thing about it. How about the fact that it funded in half a day? Or that this is an established studio, moving aggressively into the Kickstarter model? Maybe that we're finally going post-distributor? Or that the Anime Mirai project, which produced the first episode, is a real thing? (And I have got to write about that. But not today.) Or maybe it's just that the first episode was so good. Not perfect, maybe even a bit generic, but still quietly brilliant.

Everyone I know who's watched it felt happier at the end. Even me.

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