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The quest for Shadow of the Colossus' last big secret

I noticed this article last month on Eurogamer (a publication that, against all odds, produces some of the most fascinating, lyrical prose to come out of the debased medium of game journalism.) It seems appropriate that they'd still be fascinated by it -- this is, after all, the publication that produced the single finest statement I've ever read on Ico:
I've seen grown men overwhelmed by the enormity of her incarceration - its unfairness articulated by little other than way her feet patter on the ground as she runs and her hand flaps behind her as Ico pulls her along. It's not FAIR. Me - I actually had to turn the pad vibration off because, when I ran and held her hand tightly, jerking her along stride by stride, I felt like I was hurting her.
Good lord, Ico. I'm still working my way through the novel, at a slow-but-slowly-increasing rate. But that's not what I wanted to write about today. I'm actually just enthralled by the sheer quixotic brilliance of the quest -- to find a final secret, a message to the most devoted fans, writ in the very structure of a game that regards the player with complete indifference.

The amazing thing about Shadow was that everything in it seemed like, if you went somewhere else, it would continue to exist. In videogames solipsism is justified. Not so with Shadow. It was a vast, desolate, beautiful world, and it had the sort of weight and texture that you associate with history. It felt too real to care about you, your quest, any of that. Even the colossi themselves felt like interlopers compared with the sheer presence of the Forbidden Lands.

Half the stuff they talk about -- not the hacks, just the ordinary run of secrets tucked into the world's out-of-the-way corners -- was entirely new to me. I never knew there were fish, or birds that could carry you. I knew the secret garden existed, but I never played through enough to climb to it.

I'm glad these people did, though. It just seems right that we should still be puzzling through these artifacts.

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I enabled comments mostly because I wanted to say -- this column was way harder to write than I expected. I think that my feelings on Team Ico's games are so elemental, so personal, that I really can't put them into words well. And I've written about the games before.

Next step, tagging, so that I can actually find this stuff easily.

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