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Got a press release announcing that Aniplex is bringing over the third Madoka movie -- what we Eva fans from back in the day would consider the "real" movie (unlike Death and Rebirth, which was basically a recap followed by a long trailer, not that I am bitter.)

Sorry, that paragraph got away from me a bit. Let's try that again. So 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ 叛逆の物語 is coming out, hopefully reasonably simultaneous with the .jp release. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to it.

This is kind of a problem for me -- things I look forward to have a tendency to not be very good. Evangelion Q is the most recent example, but history's absolutely littered with others.

I know it's only mean reversion -- it takes a lot to get me to like something, and it's difficult for any team to replicate that kind of success. I don't even like everything by Gainax, or George R. R. Martin. Plus, sequels tend to be less interesting than original works. Not always, but it's a tendency they have to overcome.

Regardless, though, I'm looking forward to it. The triumph of hope over experience, you might say. And besides -- to tell the truth, I was never thrilled with Madoka's ending. The series is structured like something out of Shakespeare -- these brilliant, elemental faults that lead, with merciless logic, to the defeat and destruction of the protagonists. The idea that Madoka's wish has cracks in it, the idea that Homura herself, for whatever reason, breaks those cracks wide open -- it feels like it's just completing the story's inevitable arc.

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