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Been watching the (third or fourth, depending on how you count) series of Genshiken, "Second Generation" 「げんしけん二代目」. Have I mentioned I really have a soft spot for cheap cash-ins?

Of course, it's riddled with faults. I could complain all day. But the crazy thing is that, after a while, it becomes impossible to tell which are faults, and which are microscopically-precise parodies of anime tropes. They're the worst excesses of anime, exactly where you would expect to find them! How trenchant!

For example, one of the characters has a. . . sort of imaginary friend that he talks to. It's himself as a girl, naked, and she's fond of the sort of whole-body wriggling gestures that, well, I'm sure you've seen a lot of in moe anime. The fact that they can put this in a really small-scale episode about two guys becoming friends, and make it work, and leave you feeling that you've learned something about the characters and that they make sense -- it's not something I would have believed had I not seen it.

I'm pretty impressed, actually. Watch episode 3. It's not Utena -- I think Utena has more to say about the human condition -- but it's not entirely silent on the matter. They handle a lot of material I'd frankly be afraid to even allude to, and I defy anyone to consider their treatment less-than-nuanced.

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I owe the comedic value of a parody that's indistinguishable from the real thing to Wondermark.

The bit about the human condition is from Penny-Arcade, also. It's a useful construction, especially when dealing with something light that nonetheless still has the power to astound.

-- ct♥

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Also, Madarame's room in that episode is perfect. I especially love the Ika Musume posters. Although the CCS one is also a nice touch.

There's a lot of other stuff that I probably should recognize. Some I do, some I'm not sure of, some I have no idea. Reminded once again that the Japanese meme-space is quite different from the one I know.

-- ct♥