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the tyranny of realtime.

Waiting on the next episode of Genshiken 2nd, and it's really weird. I don't usually watch stuff as it's coming out, probably for exactly this reason -- I prefer to wait until other people have seen it, and then watch it in retrospect. It's just how I operate, another way of detaching myself from the stream of media that would otherwise overwhelm me completely. Exterminate all rational thought.

But now I'm watching Genshiken in something vaguely like real-time, and there's a certain charm in that, too. If there's any show I should watch as if I were in Japan, watching it on TV, it's that one.

It really is nostalgic, seeing them riding the escalators and sitting on the benches at Tokyo Big Sight. I think I'd watch it for that alone. To be sure, there are other shows that described the Comiket experience. But none so well.

words from chris, 2013-08-10 01:17:43, los angeles

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