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the ring of authenticity.

The 6th epiosde of Genshiken 2nd, while not bad, doesn't speak to me in the same way as previous ones have. It's a really light episode, which surprises me more than it should.

Looking back on it, it's a little strange that I consider Genshiken utterly and unremittingly realistic. It's filled with bizarre excesses, like Ogiue's BL fantasy episode from season 2. But those don't outweigh the serious and character-defining bits in my mind -- when I look back, it all hangs together, and I think of them as real people -- as us, really, as we might have been.

People complain that Genshiken 2nd isn't really doing that for them. But that in itself raises an interesting point -- Genshiken 2nd, we're fairly sure, isn't about people like me. It's about a subtly different crowd, a new generation whose existence doesn't displace our own. (There are still otaku like us. I've met them. But there are others now too.)

But that doesn't necessarily mean they've hit their mark. Would the current generation of female otaku identify as strongly with the cast as we identified with Madarame, Sasahara, Kugayama, and the rest of the original cast?

(We leave out Kousaka, of course, because there's no way he's realistic. Even Hato-chan can see that much.)

There's honestly no way for me to know of my own impressions, and I don't know anyone else watching it. It's a pretty problem.

words from chris, 2013-08-15 02:07:08, los angeles

276 > 377

And as I type this, I'm watching bits of the second TV series. Actually, I might have to take it back. The previous series might just be objectively better. At its best, it's certainly denser.

You could say that sprinkling it with allusions is a cheap trick -- but we live by tricks like that. To ignore them would be to deny the reality of what makes otaku.

-- ct♥

377 > 378

well Madarame in g2 i think speak to all us older fan well. the oper 5th ep just so hit home

-- chase-the-bunny

378 > 379

I have a feeling the next few episodes are going to be especially painful, Madarame-wise. Looked ahead at the plot a little.

-- ct♥

379 > 380

i be reading them.the painful level do step up a lot

-- chase-the-bunny

276 > 383

I claim to identify with Madarame, but it's pretty clear that, in Japanese at least, I'm closer to Sue.

-- ct♥