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traditional jpop.

My Japanese is pretty terrible. This is known. But I'm working on it.

As part of that, I read all sorts of stuff that I would never dream of reading in English -- spam, silly manga, idol blogs. Lately I've been reading TSUJI Shion's blog. (On Gree, which is a double strike against it, but oh well.)

I find her charming. More so than most pop stars, even in that peculiarly Japanese endearingly-awkward way they so often have. She recently picked up a new "キャッチコピー" (en: tagline):


I'll loosely translate that to "Everyone's little sister, Tsuji Shion." It's pretty perfect. And you get that same sense in her videos, too.

words from chris, 2013-08-16 01:31:09, los angeles

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the sound is run of mill to me.i thought be a lot more moe

-- chase-the-bunny

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Yeah, no, she's traditional jpop. But honestly -- she's insanely moe in a more understated way.

That's kind of interesting, actually -- you have stuff like the characters in dragon's crown, which are super-distorted, or you have the distortions that happen in h manga, which I consider basically insane. Similarly, the idea of moe is way beyond anything that actually translates to likability in everyday life, such that Tsuji Shion, who's merely realistically charming, doesn't register.

We live in a world of anime-style extremes.

-- ct♥

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well with title like everyone little sister i do just jump to anime moe. much i know of japan is off anime and manga. left one wonder what the difference to real japan

-- chase-the-bunny