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perhaps we don't take ourselves entirely seriously.

I mentioned a long time ago that, sooner or later, everyone's work includes an unreachable tower.

(And good lord, am I still that pretentious? Honestly, yes, and I know it as well as you, and I hope one day to find it endearing.)

But it's not just me. I found an article on The Onion's A.V. Club website about Adventure Time, and all I can think is that this sounds awfully familiar.

this episode explores Finnís PTSD following the loss of his arm and the abandonment of his father, a mental condition that manifests as a telekinetic electro-emotional prosthesis (or Magic Finn Arm). With this ultrapowerful new psychic appendage, Finn sets off on a quest for revenge by building a tower into space, where he will find his father and rip off his arm, but itís a foolís errand that can only end in heartbreak for the hero.

The tower remains an enduring symbol for a reason. Call it a cheap narrative shorthand if you like, but in skilled hands, its narrative heft is undeniable.

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