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where the world is a different place.

Lately I watched Saki, and it was as if the floodgates opened. I didn't even realize, but I'd apparently been suffering from some kind of terrible moe deficiency. I had no choice but to watch the entire thing. And the sequels. And then to search for more moe anime. (I'm still looking. I might have to just give in and watch Lucky Star. But I'd really rather find another anime centered around some kind of game.)

It's a tough balance to strike, actually. I'm not looking for Strike Witches here -- I still have some taste, even at my most depraved. Saki's got the perfect balance of cute and clever, and the Serious Business mahjong scenes are pitch-perfect.

On the whole, it's still not by any means the greatest thing I've ever seen. Probably not even the best thing I've watched in the past year. But it's good, and fun, and it makes the world feel just a little lighter and sweeter, and maybe that's the point of moe after all.

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