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not a review of patema inverted.

Watched 「サカサマのパテマ」 the other day. It's not bad, and in fact I find even its imperfections charming.

I'd initially planned to write about how this is the sort of thing that one could only do in anime, but it turns out not to be the case -- there's the 2012 live-action film Upside Down which is apparently a gorgeous mess. Remarkable how far visual effects have come.

I might write about how it's not perfect, and in fact there's something about it that kept me from enjoying it wholeheartedly, but I couldn't figure out what that was, exactly. This might make me a bad critic.

I could just throw up my hands and point out that it's a fine film with lovely visuals, and that if you like SHINKAI Makoto's work, you'll probably like this as well. See for yourself.

I have several choices for what to write, but ultimately I'm compelled to do something else entirely: to go back, to watch it again, and mull over it for a while.

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