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Let me tell you two useful pieces of information about AX. First, it's packed. Setting attendance records. They've hit an attendance cap this year, and it's taken us, at least, rather by surprise. Reports of AX's death are, as the saying goes, greatly exaggerated.

Second: more than ever, the con's taking place outside of the main events. The guests are nice, and they provide some focus, particularly TRIGGER, but from where I sit, at the Daisuki Gundam event, the real energy of the con seems to be in the dealer's room.

And it's been happening for a long time -- I think ever since ABe Yoshitoshi came here as a pocket guest, these many years ago. We've had concerts in the exhibit hall. (The Indigo, 2006, was the one that really stuck out, because we wanted to see them way more than the actual guests.) We've had events. You could spend the entire day there and not feel shortchanged.

Put it together, and this means that the exhibit hall is packed. It's not quite Comiket, but it's impressive, and strenuous, and several times I made my way to the doors, looked inside, and said "nope" and turned around.

words from chris, 2014-07-05 19:06:52, los angeles


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