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disclaimers & policies

Image posting policies

Pictures are not posted on any standardized schedule. We will try to post pictures as soon as possible after a convention. However, due to editing requirements, the amount of time until we can post will vary. Since our group has multiple photographers, we will try to get at least one photographer's set of images up within one week of the event, though this is not guaranteed.

Galleries may not be complete when pictures are first posted, so please come back at a later time to check if more pictures have been posted. We do not have any mechanism to indicate when a gallery was last updated at the moment.

Most pictures posted on the site have gone through at least some editing to correct for color imbalances, brightness, and sharpness. Pictures may also have been touched up to remove excessive blemishes or common problems such as dark circles under the eyes.

We will comply with requests to remove pictures posted to a gallery from the subject of the photograph or from i360 staff. Any other requests for removal may be subject to review.

Image usage policies

We have large, unedited originals of images taken during conventions and events available for most of the shots posted on this site. Please contact editors@i360.com if you wish to get a copy of these large images.

Cosplayers & subjects may use any images that i360.com staff takes of them for personal purposes. We request that cosplayers & subjects contact the editors at the above email address when doing so, since we wish to track when our pictures get used. Also, please do not link directly to the images. Our bandwidth is not cheap, and we wish to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to view our pictures. If you wish to use our pictures as edited, please copy images to a server for your own use, and please either leave the watermark intact, or mention that credit for the image should go to i360.com.

Conventions that we have attended are allowed to use pictures taken during their convention for promotional purposes provided that they notify us. Such uses must be for promotion of the convention only.

(Staff is, of course, allowed free reign of the pictures. Don't abuse it. Faye has a very big whip for these purposes.)

For all other uses, including publication, please contact the editors at the above address. Please keep in mind that we do not necessarily have model releases for all pictures taken, though we do have the ability to obtain consent from many of those pictured after the fact.