[ madoka 3rd ]

solve problems by turning them into bigger problems.

[ japan expo 2013 ]

a new con in a familiar venue.

[ fanime 2013 ]

always a pleasure

[ road trip ]

running around the wild for cosplay's sake.

[ macrossworld 2012 ]

let loose the valkyrie

'He somehow willed it into being. . . argued, from no evidence whatever, that something new was afoot. And, henceforth, it was.'

A better basis for judgment. Anti-hero. There's pansies, that's for thoughts. A note after Fanime. Initial impressions. More penguins. internet <3 cosplayers Wow, a round number. Once upon a time. I laugh in the general direction of user-friendliness. More Touhou. It's magic because it doesn't obey physical laws. Usurper of the Sun is a great title. Sometimes the old ways are best. Machines are people too. Spring. A review of something impossible. memorial day and eva 3. Maybe I just like cheap cash-ins. STUDIO TRIGGER's plan for world domination. Progress update. Still wandering. In response to a press release A few episodes into Genshiken's 2nd generation. You can't go home again. I like it, but not in that way. A problem easily avoided. It's not for you. Simple and unarguable. A few words on Touhou 14. Later I'll rant about album discipline. Friday night music. New things to like. Another review in a different genre. More apparatus of criticism. A basic and limited suggestion. A guide for the perplexed. "And having writ, moves on." As below, so above. More Madoka. Useful phrases. More critical scrutiny. A quick review of Saki. An attempt to aid lexicographers. Let it seep into the subconscious. Mishima's 9-word masterpiece. Lord of the Swastika. anime expo and updating from cons. Onward dreamly. AX: con in exhibit hall.